Jonge Trufa

This is Trufa, is my little dog. She is an American Staffordshire and is 9 months old.
Two months ago we move to Holland for work. In Spain we used to live in a big house with a big garden, but now we live here in a flat. She loves children and other dogs ( she lives now with the sharpei that is in the photo, but in our family we have other   Pitbulls and big dogs and she is so kind with them). The only problem with her is that she doesnt like to live in a flat. She started to make pi and pu everywhere and she cries a lot. She needs a garden to run because is  full of energy.
We are so sad about this situation, because we love her, is part of our family, but we will have a baby soon and we cant stand this situation anymore.
Please, if you can help us with our dog, contact me by this email. I will also give you my spanish number, that is the one that i use here 0034672245040.

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  1. I see that your message is from October.
    I guess (i hope!)meanwhile you have found a forever home for Trufa
    Where are you at?
    Why a Spanish numb?
    Is she sterilized and does she have an updated passport from your vet?
    I hope to hear from you soon

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